Legend Entertainment speaks out

Halts “Unreal 2 screens look so good they must be doctored’’ gossip

Posted by Staff
Matthias Worch, Senior Level Designer at Unreal 2 development studio Legend Entertainment, has spoken out in reaction to the doubts that had surfaced following the release of the first screens from the hotly anticipated FPS.

The forums went mad with many disbelieving that the shots were taken from the game engine, and if they were, they had been doctored with image manipulation software.

“And here we go with the ‘it's fake’ posts again,” said Worch. “This shots was (sic) done 100% in the engine. The models are real. The geometry is real. The lighting is real. The particle effects (that includes the rocket streak and explosion with the lense-flare) are real. If you want to find something fake it's that we posed the shot (it was for a CGW double page, after all) - the overall composition was sketched out before and models were placed in the editor. But then we went into the game (on a P3/1Ghz with GeForce2), let the bots fight and pressed the screenshots key. THAT WAS IT.” He goes on. “I know that some people won't believe it, and well, there's nothing we can do about it but tell them to wait for the game. And to be honest I've seen too many fake screenshots in my lifetime to not understand that people are suspicious. But this shot is real. And no, we usually don't pose stuff, too much work, pretty much all other shots are simply taken by playing the game and hammering the screenshot key.”

So there you have it!


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