ISS for GameCube first look!

Plus: Bonus amusing wrong German quote inside!

Posted by Staff
Konami has released the first screens from the GameCube version of ISS 2, the latest game in the seminal, unrivalled football series.

This will be the first ISS game to grace a Nintendo home machine since the fantastic ISS 64 back in 1997 and will be a welcome addition to the GameCube portfolio.

"ISS was the first football game from Konami of Europe to be recognised by gamers for its superb playability", states Wolfgang Ebert, European PR Manager of Konami. "ISS 2 is a great compliment to the ultra-realistic Pro Evolution Soccer series. Its arcade style action is a must for serious football gamers and their pick-up-and-play counterparts alike."

Exactly what our friend Wolfgang means by, “the first football game from Konami of Europe to be recognized by gamers for its superb playability,” is anyone’s guess, as it is developed in Japan and European gamers have enjoyed Konami games for over 20 years. Crazy old Wolfgang!

There is still a fair amount of polishing that needs carrying out as far as the graphics are concerned at this point, but the game engine is in place and operable. We will bring you more on ISS 2 for GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 as we get it.


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