Hitman Sniper Challenge Winner Gets to Star in Hitman Absolution

Winner will also get a Golden Joystick award.

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E3 2012
E3 2012
Remember the Golden Joysticks? Once used to award player greatness? Now... not? Well, thanks to Square Enix, they're about to get relevant again - whoever happens to come top of the high score table in Hitman: Sniper Challenge will not only get to star in Hitman: Absolution, but will get a classic GamesMaster gong for their trouble.

Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade game, which is only available to those who pre-order Hitman: Absolution. Daily, weekly and monthly winners have been noted, with monthly winners getting the chance to battle it out in a Grand Final.

?Hitman: Sniper Challenge has been an extremely successful pre-order incentive for us,? said Jon Brooke, the Brand Director for the Hitman Franchise. "We?re really excited to be able to offer one fan a once in a lifetime prize and The Golden Joysticks is the perfect partner to showcase the Ultimate Assassin?s achievement."

The Golden Joystick Awards takes place on October 26th.


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