EA Responds to Konami Over Football Innovation

And is nice about it!

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E3 2012
E3 2012
How do you respond when a rival game developer calls you out? If you're EA, you pass over some very warm compliments. That's what the company did when Konami's Jon Murphy, Pro Evolution Soccer team leader, suggested that FIFA had stopped focusing on innovative gameplay features.

In a recent interview Murphy said, "Maybe EA thinks they’ve gone far enough with gameplay and they’ve got other things to do... I’ve always thought it’s right that we should be concentrating really hard on the way you play a game against someone else."

In response, EA's football development and marketing boss Matt Bilbey said, "I hope the management team in Japan appreciate what [Jon Murphy has] been giving to that franchise for a long, long time. He's very, very committed and a great spokesman for the game. I feel for him sometimes, because I've worked with developers that it's challenging to listen to, or they don't necessarily listen to you."

Oooh, handbags. Wait, he was being polite! People don't do that in this industry! It's unheard of!

FIFA 13 producer Nick Channon added, "We're not going to stand here and say anything. We're very respectful of PES and we understand we have a very strong competitor. We know they want to make a better game every year and ultimately that drives us forward."

And then they kissed and made up. Probably

Source: Eurogamer


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