Next Rocksteady Batman Game to Feature Silver Age Justice League?

Rumour suggests next game to be a prequel

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Next Rocksteady Batman Game to Feature Silver Age Justice League?
According to Variety, the next Batman game developed by Rocksteady will be a prequel showing Batman's first meeting with The Joker. More interesting is the publication's assertion that the game will draw on a more fruity period in the Caped Crusader's publication history.

Variety reports, "It's based on the Silver Age of DC's comicbooks from the 1950s when the Caped Crusader teamed with other heroes like Superman and founded the Justice League of America."

The Silver Age was a period characterised, for Batman, by wackier stories than modern audiences tend to see, with aliens and the supernatural in abundance. Thanks to the success of the Batman TV show, it also came with a decidedly campy tone. It's certainly a far cry from the precedent set by the Arkham games.

It could be that while the game is in continuity with the recent games, the Arkham branding is dropped to set it apart from the other games slightly. Or it could be that Rocksteady follows Grant Morrison's lead in his recent Batman run and incorporates the weirder Silver Age stuff into hallucinogenic sequences.

Or it could be that Variety is just wrong, perhaps misunderstanding the involvement of the Justice League as an indicator that the game will draw on the period in which they first appeared.

In any case, it doesn't look like we're getting a very full picture here. San Diego Comic-Con is about to kick off, so maybe we'll get more information soon.

Warner Bros., for its part, has declined to comment.


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