King of Fighters online RPG details emerge

Korean development firm Unotac has released the first details of its, well, strange title based on SNK’s King of Fighters series.

Posted by Staff
The game will take place in South Town, one of the long-standing King of Fighters stages, first seen in KOF ’94. There will be six characters available when the game launches, namely Iori, Kyo, Leona, Athena, Kim and Kula.

The game system would appear to be in the vein of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online series. You pick a character and form a team to undertake various missions. As you might expect, there is a heavy slant on fighting. In a break from traditional random-battle, turn-based fighting, KOF Online will incorporate an eclectic mixture of arcade fighting styles, taken from the series.

There are many power-ups and items to fuel the adventures you can undertake. These items can be happened upon in the streets, or fought for against other players and teams.

Unotac will release the game to the online-crazy Korean gaming community in March for PC, with other language and platform versions being considered. Given the popularity of the series in the US, an English version is highly likely.


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