V-Rally 3 first screens

Arcade rally title emerges

Posted by Staff
Infogrames has released the first screens from the latest in its arcade rally series, V-Rally. Called V-Rally 3, the game is currently underway for PlayStation 2, and is being developed by Eden Studios.

Infogrames has made the now obligatory technical claims about its upcoming off-road, ?rollcage-em-up?, namely that each car will comprise of a stunning 16,000 polygons and that each track will contain up to 500,000 polys. Multiple layered texturing will enable effects such as reflection and dust to be kicked up as you bolt your way around the many handmade tracks. And what do we mean by handmade?

Each track is the sole responsibility of one designer. The tracks are created from custom-built 500m sections, meaning the backgrounds will not repeat, ?Tom and Jerry? style. The courses will feature lots of interactive features such as scampering spectators and wandering wildlife.

The game is currently scheduled for release in June of this year. In the meantime, enjoy these screens from the latest build.


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