Hitman Absolution E3 Movie is Dead Nun Controversial

Yup, really bad assassin nuns with boobies and crucifixes will make you squee with joyful lolling, K?

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The "Sad Cliche" Gang in full effect yo!
The "Sad Cliche" Gang in full effect yo!
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The latest Hitman 3 trailer, made for E3 and called 'Attack of the Saints' is here and it's "a stunning piece of digital art... an action-packed thrill ride, reflecting the very special vibe and atmosphere" of the game. It also, as is right for a maturing industry not seeking controversy from the religious right, has sexy nuns trying to kill agent 47.

The video is set in "a run-down motel room allows Agent 47 the time to treat his wounds. Meanwhile, his former employer, the ICA, send a deadly specialized wetworks team after him: The Saints. The ICA wants 47 dead, but that's easier said than done..."

Actually the nuns appear to be utterly rubbish at it - which won't be the case in-game of course, where they'll crucify you. That's working on the principle that we get to see them in the game.

The work of digital art (stop it) was created by "CGI specialists, Visual Works, under the direction and design of IO Interactive" and you can see it below.

First though, let's not be too hard on the pretension that this is 'digital art' nor at the basically incredibly lazy use of religiously controversial and tiredly sexist use of "sexy nuns". The folks behind Hitman are merely trying to make a buck, and you don't do that by over-estimating the intelligence or taste of your audience in this day and age.


Game releases globally on November 20th.


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