Ex-BioShock Developers Form Indie Studio

The Fullbright Studio to focus on making 'a great game.'

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Ex-BioShock Developers Form Indie Studio
A new game studio has been formed by three of the developers behind the recent BioShock games. Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen and Karla Zimonja have clubbed together and started The FullBright Company, out of a desire to work as a smaller, focused development team.

Gaynor explains. "We spent a lot of time working on games that were incredibly inspiring to be part of: games in the BioShock series, that do such an amazing job of balancing story and atmosphere with player-driven exploration. And we got a chance to tell a story of our own in the world of Rapture when we collaborated closely on Minerva’s Den, work we’re very proud of.

"And basically, in our time apart after that project, we missed it. We missed working on a small team, on a small project, focused on telling a personal story in a player-driven way. We wanted to do that again. It was fun last time. So we bailed out of corporate game development and reformed as an indie team, to see what we can do on our own."

The focus of The Fullbright Company is "simply to make a great game," but Gaynor recognises that such a goal is easier said (or written) than done. Check out the company's website to read more about the team's thoughts and its approach to game design. It's quite inspiring.

Gaynor, Nordhagen and Zimonja had all previously worked on BioShock 2, Minerva's Den, BioShock Infinite and XCOM.


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