Project Zero II: Wii Edition Hitting Europe in June

New control mechanics, modes and multiplayer features.

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Project Zero II: Wii Edition Hitting Europe in June
I ain't afraid of no ghost! And Nintendo and Tecmo Koei certainly aren't afraid of reviving old ones, either. Cult PlayStation 2 horror Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is to get a new lease of life on the Wii. It will be released in Europe on 29th June.

Considered to be the scariest in the Project Zero franchise, Crimson Butterfly tells the tale of twin sisters who get lost in the woods one evening and stumble across a spooky village, populated with nothing but fearsome (and friendly) spectres. Your only weapon against the ghosts is a torch and a device called the Camera Obscura, which can capture spooks within its film reel.

The remastered classic will add motion-sensing controls, with the Wii Remote used as a pointer to direct the on-screen torch. There will also be an additional "Haunted House" mode included, which will see players attempt to survive an on-rails amusement park ride. Brand new two player modes will be packed in too, with one person trying to complete the game as normal and another controlling the appearance of ghosts and what sounds come out of the Wii Remote.

Excited for this? It seems that Nintendo is really getting its core gamer thing on with the Wii this year - just in time for the release of a new home console, hilariously enough. We're not ungrateful though. More of this, please!


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