Epic Mickey 3DS is Castle of Illusion Sequel Shocker

Sega classic gets contemporary follow-up.

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Epic Mickey 3DS is Castle of Illusion Sequel Shocker
Retro gamers, hold on to your butts - the upcoming Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion on 3DS is in fact a follow-up to 1990 Mega Drive game Castle of Illusion. Of which there are many fans.

Details contained within Nintendo Power magazine were leaked ahead of the publication's shelf date, and tell of a standalone side-scrolling platformer that makes heavy use of the 3DS stylus. The game will not be a port of Epic Mickey 2 on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The paintbrush can be used to shoot paint and thinner as projectiles, and the touch screen on the handheld can be used to tap icons or interact with the scenery in much the same way as using paint and thinner created or erased the landscape in the original Epic Mickey.

16-bit style graphics and parallax scrolling backgrounds are included, as well as a range of retro-inspired enemies. Disney characters such as Peter Pan and Beast will feature as apparent NPCs. Every stage in the game is based off of a classic Disney film.

How excited are you about all this? We're collectively wetting ourselves. Let us know if you're doing the same - or not - in the comments box below.

Source: DS.About
Pic Credit: AGB (from Nintendo Power)


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