Jet Set Radio HD Trailer Brings the Funk

Blue skies!

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Jet Set Radio HD Trailer Brings the Funk
Are you excited for Jet Set Radio coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and PC? Well, you should if only for the fact that it will bring some much-needed colour to our pretty gloomy British landscape. SEGA seems to agree, as it's gone and released a trailer.

The Dreamcast classic is shown in its full grinding, spray-painting HD glory, and it's still looking as fresh as it did in 2000. For those who've been living under a monochrome rock, Jet Set Radio is about a colourful band of street punks who take back the city from a totalitarian conglomerate - by tagging the streets and avoiding a trigger-happy detective with a floppy haircut.

Watch the video below - we'll be seeing the game in action in a couple of days time, so we'll be able to let you know if the upcoming digital release will honour the GD-ROM original.



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