Alan Wake 2 Won't Be Influenced by American Nightmare

More arcade action to come if people like it, though.

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Alan Wake 2 Won't Be Influenced by American Nightmare
Alan Wake's American Nightmare is being released on Xbox Live Arcade next week, and with it comes a change from tense story-led survival horror to fast-paced arcade action. However, Remedy has told SPOnG that it will not adopt this new gameplay approach for an Alan Wake 2.

In an interview to be published tomorrow, SPOnG asked franchise development head Oskari Häkkinen if, should fans and critics react positively to the new gameplay mechanics, the studio would consider lifting some of these ideas for a core Alan Wake title. "Probably not, no," he said.

"It’s weird because we’re a story-driven studio, and American Nightmare started with arcade action in mind, with a Horde mode and everything," he explains. "It's very non-Remedy, but we had fun with the game and found it a perfect fit for the digital space."

Don't get too downhearted however - Häkkinen did suggest that a sequel to the arcade spinoff could be on the cards should reception be positive enough. "I think if American Nightmare is successful, if people really like it and they want more, then perhaps we could do more.

"And sure, we're not exactly pushing the envelope here in terms of video game storytelling than we were with Alan Wake - this is more made for the pick-up-and-play medium. We’ll see, we’re definitely learning stuff from this as well. Every game that we make is a learning curve."

Stay tuned for the full interview.


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