Far Cry 3 Trailer Also Sneaks Out Release Date

Madness afoot... and the graphics look better too.

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Far Cry 3 Trailer Also Sneaks Out Release Date
Maybe a day will come for video games when we all become sick and tired of reboots and sequels. We think of this future time as "The Lucas Period". It hasn't happened yet, thank goodness, because Far Cry 3 has been dated.

Well, there's a date: September 6th. You can see it at the end of the trailer that is lurking about near the end of this story.

As we're already aware, the game is set on an island where poor James Brody has been searching for his lost girlfriend. But, Ooooooh Jesus! there are also mad-people (well, from the look of the video, at least one person with what you could call a slight personality disorder).


UPDATE: Well, you can't 'Enjoy' now. Ubisoft has blocked the video. The screenshot still stands though! So, Huzza! END UPDATE

Thanks to AGB via VG247.


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