Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Bikini Bonus

Hot costumes for the cold weather

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Bikini Bonus
It was only a matter of time before Final Fantasy XIII-2 got its fan-service freak on - Square Enix is prepping a second wave of downloadable content that will include skimpy bikini wear for main character Serah. Oh, and an additional episode featuring afroman Sazh too. Can't forget that.

Andriasang is reporting that the two DLC packages (yes, they're being sold separately) will be arriving at the end of the month for Japanese players. The swimsuit will be available for 300 (or 240 MSP), while the Sazh gameplay segment will cost 600 (or 400 MSP). Bargain? No exact date has been announced, but 28th February has been rumoured.

Looking further down the DLC timeline, FFXIII-2 players can look forward to a new casino game, a new knight costume for Noel and a currently-secret piece of additional content.


PaulRayment 15 Feb 2012 10:33
Man, I love the Japanese!
Shane K. Firth 16 Feb 2012 13:38
I'm hoping for more episodic content like the Sahz episode announced, and less treating Serah like a harbor doll.
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