FIFA Street Soccer's Fighting and Driving Controls

Driving game and 2D fighters heavily influence FIFA Street soccer

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FIFA Street Soccer's Fighting and Driving Controls
We recently sat down and chatted with Gary Paterson the Creative Director, EA Sports for FIFA Street and went into some detail about control methods. For some reason, he had decided not to have a 'Finish Him!' mode from Mortal Kombat in a soccer game. WTF?

SPOnG: During the presentation you referenced racing games when it came to using the triggers - accelerate, brake, that sort of thing - so obviously there was some kind of racing influence that you had to try and make FIFA a bit more accessible. Were there any other types of games that inspired you?

Gary Paterson: Obviously, yeah the driving game thing was something we thought would be very intuitive for people to pick up and easy for them to understand - hopefully that?s been the case.

It seems like it is, from what we?ve seen so far. Even in the gestures for the tricks for the skill moves, we wanted to try and find a way to make them more intuitive and easier for people to pick up and understand. We find that when we use the FIFA system - in the FIFA system, the gestures have to be relative to where the player is facing. But sometimes it?s not obvious to see which direction your player is facing, so you input a gesture and don?t get what you expect as a result. So, we actually took influence from Street Fighter.

"The default system in the game, we actually internally called it the Street Fighter controls. Because basically, if you?re shooting from left to right, the input for any given skill move - let?s say the Rainbow, or Roulette - is the same, regardless of where the player is facing.

"If you?re shooting left to right, it?s the same. It matters if you?re shooting right to left. Just like it does in Street Fighter - again to try and make things easier for people, the gestures are easier, it?s easier to recognise what the gesture should be and to input the gesture. And to make them all as simple as possible. So yeah, I guess in that sense, the 2D fighting game is one of our influences!"

[Notes - FIFA Street allows players to perform snazzy skill tricks by flicking the right stick in a particular direction. They can be as simple as a flick upwards for a stylistic dodge or a move left-to-right for a more daring manoeuvre. Street Fighter inspiration can be clearly seen in fact, by noticing that some of the skill tricks use quarter-circle inputs.]

SPOnG: Just a shame there isn?t a ?Finish Him? mode!

Gary Paterson: [Laughs] Yeah! It?s funny, we had those jokes as well at work. We?d be thinking, ?Well, what could you do? Finish Him!?

More coming up on EA's line-up later.


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