EA Reveals Voice Cast for Syndicate - We're Impressed

"Hollywood Casting" for rebooted classic

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EA Reveals Voice Cast for Syndicate - We're Impressed
Electronic Arts has revealed what it calls a ‘Hollywood cast’ of acting talent for the re-booting of the ancient and revered Syndicate.

Front and centre are Rosario Dawson (Grindhouse, Sin City, Men in Black II) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity, Manhunter and who can forget Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh?).

Dawson takes on the role of Lily Drawl. She is also quoted as stating, “I'm amazed how videogames have become so deep in story, delivering fantastic worlds and memorable characters rivaling big Hollywood films.”

She also points out that her character, Lily Drawl, is “an interesting and strong female character. How cool is it to play the mastermind who designed the military chip inside the player's head!"

Indeed... cool.

Brian Cox (playing Jack Denham) who voices Jules Meritnot is not quoted as saying anything. Nor is the other star of the show, Michael Wincott (Basquiat , The Crow, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly ).

As we all aware, of course, the quality of the actors hired to appear in a reboot of an old game IP is always an indicator of an absolutely great actual game... right.

Check out our Syndicate preview here.

More details and screens right here.

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Matthew 21 Mar 2012 14:20
Joguei demais Syndicate no PC Aquelas vozes de qudano voc mudava a arma ("minigun", "shotgun") era um v cio de se ouvir, eu ficava trocando de armas toda hora s para ouvir isso! Pena n o ser mais RTS, pois o jogo era muito interessante assim. Agora tudo FPS, at de UFO:XCOM que era um joga o de estrat gia fizeram um shooter. Fica complicado e acaba saturando mais ainda o mercado para esse tipo de jogos.
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