King of Fighters 2001 begins home cartridge run

The Neo Geo will not die!

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King of Fighters 2001 begins home cartridge run
Sun Amusement has announced that it has begun production of the home cartridge version of King of Fighters 2001 for the Neo Geo AES home cart system.

Japanese, American and European versions are being bolted together as we speak at Sun Amusementís MVS/AES production facility in Korea and should be available for release early next year.

The title was thrown into jeopardy earlier in the year when almost all Neo Geo staff were either laid off or put to work at Capcom to help complete Capcom Vs SNK 2. There was doubt as to whether new coders would be able to make the modifications necessary to enable the MVS cart main board to interface with the AES console. This process is done on a per-title basis, with each game having a bespoke modification made to the code and the AES PCBs during the conversion process. This makes piracy and AES to MVS compatibility, almost impossible.

The bad news is that if you fancy dusting off your Neo Geo and you are lucky enough to track down a copy, it is likely to cost upwards of £300. Still, thereís always the arcade.


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