Ghost Recon Director: Kinect vs Controller Like "Inflatable Doll" vs a Woman

Kinect has a way to go before taking over as sole controller

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Ghost Recon Director: Kinect vs Controller Like "Inflatable Doll" vs a Woman
Adrian Lacey is the IP Director for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. We have a large and fulfilling interview with him in the pipes, to be released in the next hour. However, to tempt you along, check out this peach of a quote.

We asked Adrian, "Will Kinect ever replace a tactile controller?"

And POW! He responded, "Well... that?s like asking whether an inflatable doll replaces a woman."

Really? We really, really hoped there was more context to come.

"I don?t know. It?s kind of theoretical, but it?s a tricky one. Perhaps its uses hinge on one particular gameplay mechanic. Maybe its uses are all about hitting and dodging things with your body. Maybe it?s uses in gameplay can be as subtle as a gesture made with a controller in hand to enhance the traditional experience. Maybe it?ll get so sophisticated that it will replace all traditional methods. We?ll have to wait and see."

He continued, "Effectively, yeah. Kinect is still in the first stages, so as developers we?re still learning how to explore this. You?ve gone from traditional controllers, to iPads and iPhones in the space of four or five years.

"For us, we?re learning how these things work, so we?ve gone from the dream of Minority Report to actually being able to do it in your living room. So there?s a learning curve for us on the development side. What we?re trying to show with Gunsmith - and it?s the first step of putting something that?s effectively a toy - something that?s fun - for fans to mess around with and have a good interactive experience. If you?re a weapons fan, and you like the idea of changing up gun modules, it?s kind of cool.

"We?ve also ensured that we don?t forget that something like Gunsmith is a mere step. The controller is still very important to the core experience, which is why you do everything else in the game with it."

Full interview is upcoming.


Bebop 26 Jan 2012 18:27
You can have sex with an inflatable doll any time you want, it doesn't talk back, it doesn't get periods, it doesn't steal your money...I fail to see the downside of this. Looks like I'll be getting the Kinect version then!
config 27 Jan 2012 13:36
Kinect is exactly like a blowup doll. No matter where you put your hands, legs, other extremities, you'll never get a suitable response.
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