Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 in the Wild

We say "In the wild" - we mean "On Xbox Live"

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Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 in the Wild
One of the reasons that video games have a jump start on other media is that you really can't issue DLC and Title Updates for Harry Potter novels or Hangover films... only sequels. So, [i]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Title Update spits in the eyes of Hollywood and JK Rowling.

According to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, "It will be out shortly on all platforms soon" via Twitter.

He also points out that, "Yes, it will be coming out shortly for PS3 and PC. The PS3 version of the patch had PS3 exclusive updates that delayed it slightly."

So, what do you get?

According to Mr B, "Updated #MW3 today; you'll notice improved lag comp, theater fixes, nerf to Striker, buff to all other shotguns, upload to YouTube faster."

In detail, via Eurogamer:

Title Update 8 improves networking, Theater, "host disadvantage" and "lag comp".

YouTube upload speed has been increased from 32K to 256K.

All Akimbo weapons have been nerfed - weakened via reduced fire rate - and shotguns have been "re-balanced". The Striker shotgun has had a "slight nerf", and all other shotguns a "slight buff".

Fixed are a bug preventing some gamers from getting a prestige token, and a "games played" statistic bug.


DrakeWayne 8 Mar 2012 07:50
I love this game! Best one yet. My most favorite part is the guns! I found this cool place to find all the guns from the game, check it out Just got my M4 from there and I love it!
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