Hudson to be Dissolved by Konami

But brand name and logo may live on.

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Hudson to be Dissolved by Konami
Konami has confirmed that it will be dissolving Hudson Soft on the 1st March, meaning that the much-loved company known for its Turbografx-16 console and Bomberman games will no longer self-publish.

It will officially be absorbed into Konami, but Hudson has hinted that its its brand products and services will continue to be developed. So it doesn't quite look like the end for Bomberman just yet.

As a "member of the Konami Group," it was said in a statement that its website will remain open, suggesting that the Hudson name and iconic bee logo could still live to see another day.

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config 18 Jan 2012 10:55
Holy s**t. It really is the end of days for video games
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