Farming Simulator 2012 to Hit 3DS in March

PC Sim series landing on consoles for first time.

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Farming Simulator 2012 to Hit 3DS in March
Did you ever think Farming Simulator would find a home outside of the PC market? Well guess again - distributor Contact Sales will be making its first ever dip into console gaming when Farming Simulator 2012 is released for the 3DS in March.

You might laugh, but the series has sold nearly 2 million copies worldwide. It's really quite the popular game, and Contact Sales' Excalibur label has seen success with other games such as Police Force, Bus & Cable Car Simulator, Ski Region Simulator. And of course, the unforgettable Street Cleaning Simulator.

It's heartwarming stories like this that make you realise that, amidst all the doom and gloom soothsaying about the gaming industry's decline, there are some success stories out there. We can't wait for London Underground Simulator to hit the PlayStation Vita next.



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