Final Fantasy Origins Hitting US PlayStation Store

Completing the classic RPG lineup on PSN.

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Final Fantasy Origins Hitting US PlayStation Store
Square Enix is really getting its act together when it comes to bringing its back catalogue to digital storefronts. This week, US gamers will get even more retro RPG love, as PSOne Classic Final Fantasy Origins arrives on the PlayStation Store.

Origins was released late into the original PlayStation's life, in 2003 - it included remastered editions of the first Final Fantasy game and the original Final Fantasy II. It was the first time either game had been officially released in Europe.

It's only a matter of time before Origins is released to the UK PlayStation Store - at the moment, players can download Final Fantasy V to IX, which will just leave IV left to release (Final Fantasy III did not see a re-release on the PlayStation, even in Japan).

Source: US PlayStation Blog


Rythic 26 May 2012 16:44
Still waiting for this on UK store..
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