Legend of Zelda Available to Buy on Nintendo 3DS eShop

Virtual Console goes public.

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Legend of Zelda Available to Buy on Nintendo 3DS eShop
All of you who weren't lucky enough to snag a Nintendo 3DS early enough to take advantage of the Ambassador program, rejoice! You will soon get your NES Virtual Console satisfaction. The original Legend of Zelda is now available to purchase on the Japanese 3DS eShop for a price of 500.

It means that, following a roll-out to European users, Nintendo is on track to allow those who had a 3DS bought for them for Christmas to access some classic NES games. 3DS Ambassadors received Legend of Zelda for free as part of their complimentary 10-game NES package.

It's likely that Nintendo will release all of the Ambassador games first before moving on to additional NES titles. There are no plans to roll out the Game Boy Advance games for general release, however - Nintendo previously announced that the ten free GBA titles for Ambassadors would remain exclusive to early console buyers.


deleted 22 Dec 2011 10:00
Ah the games Nintendo had no plan to release outside of the ambassador program! not i am bothered, more fun for those who own what is now proved a great little handheld device.
Donald 22 Dec 2011 16:59
That's technically not correct - Nintendo stated all along that the plan was to eventually do a wide release of NES Virtual Console Games. It's the GBA ones which are claimed to be Ambassador-exclusive, and even then they just said they have no plans, and considering it's a nice little potential cashcow it's sure to happen eventually.
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Thoodore Thomas 22 Dec 2011 17:51
Oh Donald such an idiot please shut up before you show more of your stupidity
irritant 22 Dec 2011 20:20
Donald, feel free to continue, since you are correct. The NES games in the program were released "unfinished" with a basic manual and some features missing. The "for sale" versions are "finished" and the ambassador versions will be upgradeable when the sale versions are launched. Plus, your analysis of Nintendo's wording of their intentions regarding the GBA games is also correct. "No plans" is not the same as "will never".
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