Neo Geo update

All new home and arcade carts to be made. Plus: Extended servicing

Posted by Staff
Neo Geo update
Sun Amusement, the distributor of SNK’s hotly-anticipated beat-em-up King Of Fighters 2001, has announced to Japanese magazine Arcadia that it will be releasing a home cartridge version of the game at some point next year.

Sun also said that it will support home releases of any other MVS titles that perform well in the arcades and that it considers will perform well in the home market.

Also announced by Sun was the fact that the company intends to run a system of extended servicing for the Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware. Although the technology is 15 years old, the MVS system remains the world’s second most popular arcade platform, after JAMMA. Sun will perform on-site servicing in Japan, as well as provide a parts service to the rest of the world.

Sun also stated that it intends to take over and fully maintain all of Japan’s Neo Geo Lands, the string of MVS-only arcades formerly owned by SNK.


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