Nocturne signs for a movie deal

Vampire Gangster film planned in latest Hollywood gaming deal

Posted by Staff
Collision Entertainment and Dimension Films have announced that they have penned a deal that will see the PC, and soon to be GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 game Nocturne on the silver screen.

The gangster-vampire adventure title, first seen as a text adventure for the Amstrad, received critical acclaim when it was updated for PC in late 1999.

"Nocturne provides a rich world and interesting characters that have the potential to become the next Mummy franchise," said Collision Entertainment's Scott Faye. "The film will play like a supernatural Untouchables, retaining the spirit of the game while introducing new characters and a solid three-act action-adventure story line."

The film is said to have a completed script and will go into production next year.


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