Activision Working Hard on Call of Duty Elite

Emergency Repairs Underway on Broken MW3 Elite Service

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Activision Working Hard on Call of Duty Elite
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Elite Service is up or down, even after two days of emergency repairs, depending on where you hit it from.

The Elite Service was set up to provide stat tracking, community building, help guides and original videos, but since the game's official release the service has been rendered unusable for the vast majority of players.

One of the key issues the service is struggling with is the number of new users signing up to the service, hoping to take advantage of the online ranking systems. Despite the problems Activision is remaining positive, ensuring teams are working around the clock to restore the service and have already managed to increase the number of people who can register at any time on both the free and premium services.

"We are being challenged by a response beyond any of our expectations on day one," Activision Digital vice president Jamie Berger explains, "This is like that terrible birthing pains any new online service goes through... but we're making good headway."

Activision are still working on repairs, and as time goes on they are expected to get it running smoothly. In the meantime players can still play the rest of the game, including the single player experience and most of the multiplayer modes with little to no issues, meaning you can still shoot your friends in the face online and thoroughly enjoy it.

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deleted 10 Nov 2011 10:39
Not f**king good enough Activision, when I pay an extra 30-40 for a something i expect it!
deleted 10 Nov 2011 16:36
They need to sort something out, i just tried to log in and it came up greenlatern54! i dont know who that is but i could access there profile!!!!
cornelius 10 Nov 2011 19:05
Anyone hear how there's going to 20 pieces of DLC for MW3? That's nuts! I won't be paying $15 for each of them. I found some new Modern Warfare 3 cheats at One of them allows you to be a juggernaut on multiplayer. I'm going to take a video of it tonight and upload on youtube. Game is so cool!
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