THQ Confirms "Wilder" Saints Row 4

THQ Exec Bilson: Keep Exploiting that Core

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THQ Confirms "Wilder" Saints Row 4
Saints Row, already at home with acts of random violence, has moved into the house of the insane in the upcoming third instalment. But the fourth iteration is already in planning and already - apparently - more insane.

According to the THQ's Executive Vice President, Core Games, Danny Bilson, the franchise is only set to become crazier in Saints Row 4. In an interview for G4, Bilson outlined the thought process Volition is taking with the series.

"Like any game, if you have a great creative core to it you just keep exploiting that core." He says in an interview with G4. "For instance, I know what Saints Row 4 is about, and it's wilder than this one."

Saints Row 3 (read our coverage here), coming out on the 18th of November in the UK, is already a carnival of madcap antics and violent behaviour. Preview trailers and videos showcase all manner of actions, including public beatdowns, beating civilians with pink dildos, exploding octopi and running down pedestrians with reckless abandon. Despite the insanity, it would appear to only be a glimpse of what is to come from the series.

Source: G4TV


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