SEGA: "Brutally Honest" on Classic Sonic

Prepare for Sonic tears everybody

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SEGA: "Brutally Honest" on Classic Sonic
Prepare yourself for some sad Sonic news (well, if you're a nostalgists) we've been given some "brutally honest" news about the classic young hedgehog.

Svend spoke to David Corless, Brand Manager SEGA Europe for Sonic the Hedgehog. "Sonic Generations sees a classic and modern form of the blue blur running around loops in the same game. If the gameplay is received positively, do you think thereís an opportunity to bring Classic Sonic back into future titles?" he asked.

David went for the throat, "Do you know what? There are no plans, to be brutally honest, to bring Classic Sonic back. The reason for bringing him back for this game was because this is a celebration of 20 years of Sonic. It was a real fitting time to do it. Heís really well loved. Letís see how Generations does. You can never say never in this industry, but at the moment there are no plans."

We've not been able to get Svend to speak much since then.


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