ArenaNet Guild Wars Servers Will Not Die

As long as players still want to play it

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ArenaNet Guild Wars Servers Will Not Die
With Guild Wars 2 coming on stream, we sat down with ArenaNet's Theo Nguyen to get updates on progress and, of course, what will happen to the original online game and its community. He made a promise:

"I would also be concerned that the original game would be closed down," he explains in a full and frank interview due this week.

"We do of course expect to see some migration from the original to its sequel, but we do expect to be a hardcore niche that will want to keep playing the original game. I can say that we are committed to keeping Guild Wars so long as there are still players playing on it."

Stay tuned for the full interview later this week.


NitPick 24 Oct 2011 13:31
Isn't the company name ArenaNet instead of Areanet ?
cawkgoblar 25 Oct 2011 01:08
my weiner ist s hornay hornay hornay weinarz
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