MW3 "Last Big Console Launch Ever" says NASDAQ Post

It's all so bloody bleak!

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That's one way to deal with an Angry Bird.
That's one way to deal with an Angry Bird.
With mobile gaming seemingly on a never ending rise what effect will this have on the home console market? According to folks from NASDAQ, the American stock market, the answer is 'not a good one'.

According to financial expert Rebecca Lipman "Modern Warfare 3 will be the biggest console release for the year when it hits shelves on November 8th." however, if the industry continues to lose its customer base "it may be the last big console entertainment launch for the rest of time."

This is a big claim. Sure, some areas of the industry seem to be in decline. Reports of studios shutting down appear on an almost weekly basis. Sales of consoles are indeed down; look at the 3DS if you need proof. The 360, PS3 and Wii are now seen as aging systems and the economic downturn worldwide means that people just don't have as much money to spend.

Quick, cheap games on our mobiles are in vogue. Whether the industry will swing back the other way some time, we cannot say, but it's certainly something to think about.

Source: NASDAQ


ghoti 4 Oct 2011 10:39
Because there are only what, 150-200 million current gen consoles out there?
NewJFusion 4 Oct 2011 14:57
What a load of drivvle....
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Lol_at_u 4 Oct 2011 16:13
Really now? You have got to be kidding me. NASDAQ is full of fluff on this one. Mobile gaming still has a very, VERY long way to go before it can even THINK of drive consoles out of the race. You will NEVER see me pick my mobile games over a console game. (Especially if IW keeps releasing games in the MW/COD style.)
lolwat 4 Oct 2011 22:48
Yeah I call bs on this one. There are too many facts on why this is a joke to even start a serious debate.
Alex 5 Oct 2011 00:35
This post is such a load of S H I T!
Brian 5 Oct 2011 01:43
Maybe the sales of consoles are down mostly because people who own a console don't need to go out and buy another one...
mike 7 Oct 2011 02:04
my local game said they have over 800 copy on hold
bertybassett 4 Nov 2011 11:12
GTA 5 will be the last ever big release!! and so on and so on.

what rubbish!
DrakeWayne 30 Mar 2012 01:52
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