Beyond Good & Evil 2 Not Coming Any Time Soon

According to Ancel, we're in for a very long wait...

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I'll be ready when I'm ready.
I'll be ready when I'm ready.
Michel Ancel has been talking once again about the long-awaited sequel to the classic Beyond Good & Evil. In an interview with he's revealed that he's delighted with how much love the series gets but we'll have to wait some time to play the follow-up.

The original, released back in 2003, was reissued on XBLA and PSN earlier this year in a gloriously remixed and well-received HD version. BG&E2 won't be seen for some time though as Ancel wants to release it on whatever next-generation machines that Sony and Microsoft come up with. As both companies are currently keeping shtum on their future plans, we could potentially be waiting some time.

"We?ve been working on it for a long time,"says Ancel, "but we?ve had some technical issues. It?s a complex game." He mentions that the first game was actually planned to be a huge affair, "going from planet to planet, towns to towns" but the limitations of the PS2 dragged the game's development down. It seems the plans for the sequel are aiming for the stars...

The interview also sees Ancel discuss Rayman Origins, how Ubisoft works on IP that's brought to them and... well... dicks. You'll have to find out for yourself what that bit's about.



D 30 Sep 2011 18:13
hurry up! I want this game. Why wait for next consoles...that's a few years down the road....I think
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