Dreamcast Memories in New Sonic Generations Trailer

Running through the Speed Highway.

Posted by Staff
Dreamcast Memories in New Sonic Generations Trailer
Watch out - SEGA's about to tap into your nostalgia nerve centre once again with this brand new trailer for Sonic Generations. This one focuses on the Dreamcast era, and is predictably exciting to watch.

Not least because it's the first time we get to see a glimpse of the re-imagined Speed Highway stage from 1999's Sonic Adventure. Truly an iconic stage from the blue blur's 3D past, it looks like you'll be running down skyscrapers and clinging onto rockets to traverse corkscrew roads that make no sense whatsoever. New age fun with a vintage feel.

Music from the stage - both classic and modern - can be heard, and additional clips from Ocean Palace (Sonic Heroes) and City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) are married with a teaser for a boss fight with Shadow the Hedgehog at the very end. Duelling in Final Chase? Awesome.

Watch the new trailer, courtesy of IGN, below.


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