Duke Nukem 3D Remake on Indefinite Hold

Gearbox still approves of the project, team moving to other opportunities.

Posted by Staff
Duke Nukem 3D Remake on Indefinite Hold
Wuh-oh. Don't expect to see that fan remake of Duke Nukem 3D any time soon - the project has been placed on indefinite hold.

Interceptor Entertainment has made it clear that Gearbox - who currently owns the intellectual property rights to the franchise - has still given the remake its full blessing, but specific reasons for the drop in development weren't explained.

"[We] still [have] the good will and non commercial license provided to us to use the Duke Nukem brand for our creative ambitions," says a post on its website. "In the interim, please know that the praise and support we received for our efforts has been both overwhelming and appreciated."

It added that it will be revisiting the project "in the future, along with several other new, creative pursuits." Looks like someone noticed the talents of the team and it's attempting to break out as a bona fide indie studio. Best of luck to them!


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