A Fleeting First Look At Dead Space 3

Development is pretty much confirmed by the most random of sources

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It's alive! ALIVE!
It's alive! ALIVE!
From our Like We Didn't See That One Happening Department, it looks like the first footage of Dead Space 3 has leaked. Admittedly it's only the speediest of glimpses, but it's certainly confirmation that the new game is currently being coded by EA at their Redwood Studios.

During a tour of the EA facilities by Israel's Channel 10 news show The Headlines, their cameras picked up a wall of concept art for the new game along with a rather obvious looking logo for the official third release from the Dead Space series (not counting Extraction, that's a lightgun game).

EA are yet to even say a thing about the game or the information leak but we all knew a follow-up was coming. The last game sold over two million copies worldwide and EA does like its money.

The Middle East is now our new favourite source of gaming exclusives. We look forward to seeing Al-Jazeera break the news of the Diablo III release date shortly. Stay tuned!

Source: CVG


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