Brand New, Never Before Seen Mario Game Revealed

OK, calm down. It's something totally different to what you expect.

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Brand New, Never Before Seen Mario Game Revealed
And now for something from our "creative people are creative" files. Adam Kumpf, a designer over that the Masschusetts Institute of Technology, has designed an all new Super Mario Brothers game on an entirely unique format: the Cardboard Box.

It's actually much more technical and impressive than you may first realise. Kumpf has rigged up a set of servos and techy bits that are run by a bespoke computer program. The background, a conveyor belt, moves along as you control Mario with a dial on the side of the box. Baddies and scenery are attached to the belt and have magnets behind them to provide collision detection; hit one of them and the sad music plays telling you the game is over.

Sure, it's very simplistic, but the whole thing is a bit of fun. Why not try and make one of your own from sticky backed plastic and a Cray-2? Failing that, just watch people having fun in the video below.

Video Game in a Box from Teague Labs on Vimeo.

Now look us in the eye and tell us that you don't want it.



ajmetz 13 Sep 2011 15:00
Pretty damn awesome right there, ^_^
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