Starbreeze on Syndicate: Time Has Moved On

Loves the old games, but going to FPS it up anyway.

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Starbreeze on Syndicate: Time Has Moved On
While the world reels over the fact that First Person Shooter developer Starbreeze is turning classic strategy game Syndicate into a First Person Shooter, the game's director Neil McEwan has defended the studio's direction, saying that "time has moved on."

"It was always going to be an FPS," he told OXM. "The original nub of the idea was to take that viewpoint from the original game and zoom into the Agent's head, and play that part. A closer experience - to become one of those Agents."

McEwan stepped back for a second to proclaim that he and his team are "big fans" of the original isometric game, and plan to pay homage to it in various ways throughout the Agent's adventure. But he still has confidence that the upcoming shooter will be adequate.

"[Our] game speaks for itself. We've been very lucky to work with a great, original world, and create another facet of it really," McEwan said. "I would love [fans of the original] to like it. You're never going to please everyone."

Well, you probably could have, if you hadn't turned Syndicate into a First Person Shooter. Just sayin'.


CaptSkyRocket 13 Sep 2011 09:53
Yep, totally agree with your last sentence Svend! This is a huge missed opportunity to bring back Syndicate.

This is going to be Ghostbusters 2. Remember how bad that was?

Svend Joscelyne 13 Sep 2011 10:12
I get why they're doing it. Starbreeze is an FPS developer, so it only really knows how to make FPS games. But then, why did EA then approach it for Syndicate? Why did Starbreeze not just create a new IP? Yeah, it's a competent studio, but that won't count for crap if it does a bad job of honouring the original. That's a bigger risk than the studio attempting to branch out of its comfort zone.

It's all bizniz, isn't it? What makes the world go round. Sigh.
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ohms 13 Sep 2011 10:14
Could be a decent game, but it won't be 'Syndicate'.
The original Syndicate could work well on the DS...
Cfan 13 Sep 2011 10:15
Wouldn't it been better to get gamers views before working on it?
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