Syndicate Remake Details Leaked

EA realises its mistake and pulls info, but the internet prevails!

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More information about the sequel to Bullfrog's classic Syndicate has appeared on the EA Origin store. However, it seems that it was a little premature as everything has been yanked. Thankfully, this being the internet, a keen-eyed Swede grabbed the details along with a bunch of screenshots before the mistake was realised.

Now posted up on NeoGAF for all to see, this isn't the Syndicate of old. Rather than the real-time tactical game of old, developer Starbreeze has taken the franchise down the FPS route, turning it into a "unique action shooter". No longer will you control a group of identity-free minions. Instead a single character, Miles Kilo, acts as your avatar in a world of corruption.

Promising a "visceral FPS experience", this new version of Syndicate seems to be taking quite a heavy lead from Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the use of augmentations throughout the game. There's also four-player online co-op on offer, though no mention of any other multiplayer formats have been made as yet.

The leak of these details has caused a fair bit of dismay from fans of the series, mainly down to what they see as a lack of imagination. In a world where First Person Shooters are plentiful, surely there could be a place for a true remake of this classic? Perhaps they'll include the original as an unlockable. We can but dream. In the meantime, as soon as we have more information, we'll let you know.

Source: NeoGAF


config 12 Sep 2011 09:16
Oh dear. Switching to an FPS with none of the team tactics is a mistake. The genre is, as Michael wrote, massively over-subscribed. The only way to carve a space in the market would be to offer something different, like said tactics, or the original's basic but effective R&D process fuel on one's ill gotten gains.

An unlock of the original would be super - possibly the only reason to buy it.
Tim Smith 12 Sep 2011 10:30
An FPS? Dear gods above. They may as well remake Jaws as a RomCom.

I'm starting to think that the video games industry wants to eat itself alive and then s**t itself out to it can pick over its own entrails.

Time for independents devs who have never heard of old IPs I reckon.



PS: reviews of Amiga originals are here.
Cfan 12 Sep 2011 19:15
Knew there was a reason why I kept my copy of Syndicate wars for PS...
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