Will There Be A New ZOE Game At TGS?

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Still. So. Brilliant.
Still. So. Brilliant.
Announcements of announcements are a bit rubbish, but when it comes to Hideo Kojima's stuff we can't help ourselves. According to the Konami Facebook page, Kojima's going to be at the Tokyo Game Show next week to not only talk about Metal Gear but also new releases from the Zone of the Enders franchise.

Spreading himself around a few different stages throughout the course of the event, Kojima will be giving each series its own specific focus. The Metal Gear HD remakes and 3DS version of Snake Eater will be covered on September 15th while the Z.O.E. series gets its own moment in the spotlight on the 17th.

The question is what exactly will he be talking about? Fans have been after a new Z.O.E. game for ages, so could this be the announcement they've been waiting for? Of course, it's entirely possible that it's just going to be more details on the updated versions of the PS2 titles that were revealed back in June, but there's also talk of a new 3DS version.

You'll be able to watch a live stream from the event so you can see exactly what revelations come to light. However, if your understanding of Japanese is a little rusty (and hey, we all fall out of practice once in a while) keep checking SPOnG for updates. As soon as we know, you'll know too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Source: Andriasang


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