Arkham City Coming To London Comic Con

The Dark Knight Returns. Again.

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"Who are you?!" "Who do you bloody think?"
"Who are you?!" "Who do you bloody think?"
UK gamers will have an opportunity to play the much anticipated Batman: Arkham City next month at the London Comic Con being held at ExCel from October 28-30.

The follow up to Arkham Asylum will be the main sponsor of the event as Rocksteady Studios look to push their game into the hands of as many people as they can over the weekend.

Although the game is actually released the week before the convention, Warner Brothers are going for blanket coverage to ensure that Arkham City doesn't disappear amongst the rash of quality releases over the next few months. Of course, knowing how well the original was received should see this follow-up stand its ground, but having it in the faces of the thousands attending will do it no harm at all.

The story in Arkham City takes place a year after Asylum, with a huge area of Gotham having been taken over, walled up and left to the criminals. Very Escape From New York. A wide range of criminals from the Batman universe have been thrown into the game including The Riddler, Two-Face and Hugo Strange, along with returning villains from the first release. After all, what would a Batman game be without The Joker?

Batman: Arkham City is lining up to be one of Autumn 2011's biggest releases and if you haven't picked it up by the time Comic Con rolls around, this will be a huge opportunity to check it out. SPOnG - as always - will have its own review nearer to the game's release.


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