PlayStation Vita Gets New Little King's Story

Playable at Tokyo Game Show.

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PlayStation Vita Gets New Little King's Story
Anyone remember Marvelous Interactive's Little King's Story on the Wii? No, you probably don't do you? Sort it out, it was a cracking game. Luckily for all of us, a sequel to the quirky Japanese RPG has been announced for the PlayStation Vita, and it will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

While a Famitsu reveal article states that the new release will feature a brand new story, the main protagonists will continue to be King Corobo and Princess Apricot from the Wii original. That might be enough to suggest that the Vita version is being treated as a proper sequel instead of a port.

Along with a new story comes some new features and changes too. The Vita's power will allow for dynamic time and weather changes in the kingdom, while touch screen controls will be used and abused for various functions. Apparently, the art style will be changed dramatically from the cutesy big-headed cartoon that we remember to a more "realistic" approach. Hmm.

First screens are said to be released soon. We'll see what it all looks like then.

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