Nintendo Teams with the Cloud for Free 3DS WiFi

5,000 hotspots

Posted by Staff
Nintendo Teams with the Cloud for Free 3DS WiFi
Nintendo has signed an agreement with WiFi provider The Cloud to offer 5,000 free WiFi hotspots to owners of its beleaguered 3DS handheld.

The Cloud's WiFi network in the UK is available in a variety of locations including the Pizza Express and Eat chains.

According to The Inquirer, "The 3D capable console can connect automatically to any The Cloud WiFi hotspot whilst in sleep mode allowing general internet browsing and use of Spotpass which downloads content and notifications. The Cloud WiFi service is available to 3DS users from today."

Dawn Paine, marketing director at Nintendo UK said, "Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve and add new The Cloud partnership represents another exciting step that will continue to expand its appeal and encourage owners to take their Nintendo 3DS systems with them wherever they go, offering different and unique experiences everyday."


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