EA Sports States FIFA Will Get Kinect 'Next Year'

Close control and get off the couch!

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Kinect that!
Kinect that!
Right, the age of playing FIFA Soccer (as it was called in 'the Olden Days') from a sedentary position on the couch will be over next year: Kinect support is coming says lead producer on the FIFA series, Dave Rutter.

Says Dave, "Since the Kinect came out, or the very first announcement almost two years ago, we've been asked, 'Will you have Kinect support?', and we've always said, 'Not until we can get something cool and makes sense working'

"Now that's the case and that's going to be next year, so it's just a case of finishing that off now."

So, get your warming up exercises sorted out now.

See our latest interview with Dave Rutter here.

Source: DigitalSpy


Ryan550 8 Aug 2011 13:39
Considering how its a trend to release Fifa once every year.. allow me to rephrase that...

"Fifa is getting Kinect every year!! flick your balls in the net son!"

Ok.... so maybe I should not of rephrased it but.. its probably already better than the usual "interact with the menu with your hands" concept. I would not be surprised if that turned out to be the "something cool and makes sense working" idea.

...A few fat people wearing football tops with sweat patches under their pits as they breathe heavily and flick thin air. - I would never stop laughing.... ever...
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