Splash Damage: Brink Criticism is Valid

The problem is the story...

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Splash Damage: Brink Criticism is Valid
It seems that Brink reviewed here maker Splash damage has realised that its opening premise for the game: a story injected into a multiplayer game was flawed from the outset.

Fair play to senior designer Ed Stern for owning up at Develop last week. Strange, however, that this didn't crop up at the initial meetings.

Ed said, "There is a fundamental mismatch - I mean it's tough enough, we're trying to come up with a story that works multiplayer, and that's hard.

"There's a fundamental disparity between storytelling and interactivity. The whole point of a story is that you're told things in a certain order and at a certain pace, and if you surrender all that it's hard, it's really, really hard."

Despite this revelation, Ed is up front on taking the critique:

"It's an absolutely valid criticism of Brink that the player experience isn't actually about the back story, that what you end up doing 99 percent of the time is this frantic multi-player chaos and stuff."

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James 27 Jul 2011 11:50
From what I remember that was far from the only criticism Brink received
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