Activision Files Legal Claim on

The joke's wearing thin.

Posted by Staff
Activision Files Legal Claim on
Activision is not pleased about the domain name prank played on them last week, and has filed an official dispute claim with the National Arbitration Forum in order to take ownership of the site.

The person behind the domain name will have 20 days to respond to the claim, which can be seen online here via Fusible. Legal fees have cost Activision $2,600 USD so far. rocked the industry last week as it redirected users to Electronic Arts' rival wargame Battlefield 3. This sparked all kinds of rumours as to who was behind the prank, but it seems evidently clear that Activision is dealing with a rogue individual here. It has since changed to a website that aims to mock the official press release of Infinity Ward's upcoming blockbuster.

Amongst other things, Activision is saying that it owns the right to be the sole representative of the domain name, and that whoever owns it at present cannot argue ownership. Time to get the popcorn out.


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