Langdell Releases Marble Madness-a-like for iPhone

After a string of failed plagiarism cases.

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Langdell Releases Marble Madness-a-like for iPhone
Remember Tim 'Edge' Langdell, trademark troll of the century? Well, he's taken time out of litigation to actually go back to what he did in the mid-1980s - release a video game.

Edgebobby 2 is now available on the iOS App Store for a measly 59p. Langdell's Edge Games is listed as the publisher, and it is in fact a sequel to 1986 C64 title Bobby Bearing. Apparently calling it Bobby Bearing 2 doesn't quite allow Langdell to maintain his obsession with the word 'Edge.'

Langdell has made a name for himself in recent years due to several failed court cases where he has challenged Mobigame, Future Publishing and EA for their uses of the word 'Edge' in games, magazines and other products. Nobody tell him the delicious irony that Bobby Bearing does look amazingly close to 1984 arcade game Marble Madness...

You can grab Edgebobby 2 right now - and according to one review it's not so bad. "It's actually pretty fun," writes reviewer Alex Vaughan, "even if Tim is mental." Quite.


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