EA Blames Steam Business Practice for Crysis 2 Removal

It was 'unfortunate'

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EA Blames Steam Business Practice for Crysis 2 Removal
Earlier on in the week, following EA's massive, massive, huge push at E3 for its Origin.com game site, the company was accused of removing a range of titles, including Crysis 2 from rival Steam. Now EA is stating that it was not its fault at all.

Speaking to Gamefront an unnamed EA spokesperson stated:

"Its unfortunate that Steam has removed Crysis 2 from their service. This was not an EA decision or the result of any action by EA."

He or she (or maybe it's a new EA Bot) continues, "Steam has imposed a set of business terms for developers hoping to sell content on that service many of which are not imposed by other online game services. Unfortunately, Crytek has an agreement with another download service which violates the new rules from Steam and resulted in its expulsion of Crysis 2 from Steam."

So, it was the fault of Steam's fault according to EA Bot.

Source: GameFront


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