Summer of Sonic Seals Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka

Fan-lead convention gets big names

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Summer of Sonic Seals  Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka
We were going to get SPOnG writer Svend to write this story, but given that he actually runs Summer of Sonic, it seemed a bit much. So, the news is that with the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, (Thursday, 23th June) around the corner, special guests for the SoS convention have been announced.

Right, along with "various stage shows, quizzes, cosplay competitions or interview our special guests, the head of Sonic Team and long-time producer and director, Takashi Iizuka as well as Yuji Naka, the programmer behind the original Sonic game all those years ago are amongst them."

These two august Sonic figures join a guest list including Jun Senoue, music director for many of Sonic Team?s games and others.

Svend is obviously rather chuffed and we'll be speaking to him about the show later.

Until then, the details are available here.


config 15 Jun 2011 12:18
Holy crapoly. Top work Svend
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