Metal Slug 4 announced concept art inside!

Seminal shooter series returns!

Posted by Staff
In news that will delight Neo Geo owners around the world, the development of Metal Slug 4, the seminal sequel to the humourous side-scrolling shooter, has been announced.

The work has been farmed out to Korean based Mega Enterprises, the first time a Metal Slug title for MVS or AES has not been in-house at now-defunct SNK.

Renowned as one of the best shooter series ever made, Metal Slug has delighted fans of the genre for years and this return will ensure that Neo Geo MVS changers will still have a place in the world arcades for some time.

This news, along with the release of King of Fighters 2001, adds fuel to the rumours that there will be many more high-profile Neo Geo games hitting the arcades soon. Along with Samurai Spirits, Blazing Star and Last Blade, an MVS version of SNK vs Capcom is rumoured.

Stay tuned for more as it happens!


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