E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 More Player Driven

Responding to criticism of FFXIII.

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E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 More Player Driven
Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has told SPOnG that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will focus a lot more on player choice and involvement than its predecessor.

Fans were critical of various aspects of Final Fantasy XIII when it was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Kitase said that his team heard the concerns and it has been working hard to resolve them.

"I think Final Fantasy XIII was criticised by lots of people because we think it was meant to be story driven, but so much so that people thought it was quite linear, which people didn't like," he said.

"So before we started making Final Fantasy XIII-2, we were determined to take all the negative comments seriously, and rectify every single one of them, thoroughly and completely.

"This game is more player driven rather than story driven, so that the player will have an active involvement in each phase of the game. There are a lot more things in the field that you can explore, like towns… and you can also choose what you want to say and do during various scenes. It will give players more freedom."


woofboy 8 Jun 2011 07:47
Wow they have really listened.

Maybe FF will return to glory.
Invi 8 Jun 2011 17:20
Great news, we fans really need the FF series to go back to its true identity
woot 8 Jun 2011 20:29
ye,thats great that SE finally listens to their fans.But the only things that remains now is a new FF game that have that FF13-2 will have and alot of exploration and the oldschool ATB turnbased that FF is known for.
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